Preparing for Online Consult in your Practice

Online Consult introduces a reliable, new way of clinical and administrative staff working with their patients.

In order to make Online Consult a success at your practice, you will need to plan the implementation carefully.

Below are some suggested steps on how to achieve a successful launch at your practice.

Practice Champions

Identify a practice champion(s) who will be the ‘go-to’ user(s) for Online Consult.

Champion responsibilities could include:

  • Letting everyone within the practice know about Online Consult
  • Co-ordinate and establish a workflow process
  • Track progress of implementation
  • Understand how Online Consult is being used to develop the service over time within the practice.

Internal Communication

Educating your practice on Online Consult could include:

  • Benefits for your practice
  • Benefits for your patients
  • What does Online Consult look like? Show practice members the patient view and practice view.


Identify areas where custom forms/links may enable your practice to work more effectively or offer a better service to patients.

Agree on a workflow for form receipt, processing and document the final version.

Things to consider include:

  • Will forms just be viewed Monday to Friday or include weekends too?
  • Who will be responsible for checking the Email inbox for completed forms?
  • Who will summarise the forms into EMIS Web against the patient’s record?
  • Who will review the forms?
  • How will different outcomes be dealt with?
  • How will the outcome be communicated to the patient?
  • Protected time for online training resources that are available on the Egton Support Centre.
  • Decide if you will go live with our out of the box resources or if you plan for a wider launch which will include your own authored resources
  • If as a practice you decide to go live with your own resources, identify who in the practice will design, test and sign these off

Agree and plan launch

  • Set a launch date
  • Plan a marketing campaign in the lead up to launch
  • Evaluate each stage
  • It takes time to change patient behaviour so keep evaluating your designed process and change if necessary.

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