New User Unable to Login

Assuming you can see the login page, please try the following:

1. It may seem simple, but double check the username and password are correct. Be aware that it is case sensitive – so double check your CAPS lock.
2. In order for a user to log in, they must have the ‘Is able to log in’ role. This can be checked on the edit user page. For this – check with your local system administrator
3. If you are still having issues please open a new support ticket and we will get in touch with you in due course.

If you cannot see the login page:

1. Double check that you have got the address correct. If you are unsure, please check with your local system administrator.
2. If there is an error on the page, please raise a ticket and copy/screenshot the page and send it to us
3. If there is no error and no page and the address is correct, please raise a ticket

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