Introducing Intradoc247’s New Home

When it comes to the systems your organisation uses every day, few things are more important than speed and resilience which is why, in March 2017 we migrated your Intradoc247 system to our brand new hosting environment for your Intradoc247 system.  Our new environment is state of the art and means that we will be able to deliver speed improvements to the system.

Why am I seeing this page now?

In March 2017, when we migrated your site, we added a page to our old servers with a link to your new address, to give everyone time to update any bookmarks or homepages they may have had.

We’ve now decommissioned those old servers, but you’ve trying to access your Intradoc247 system though an old link – which has redirected you here.

What you’ll need to do

Your new address will usually take the form of
You may know your account number as a CDB number or a site number.

I don’t know my Account Number/CDB Number/Site Number.

No problem – Email the team at and we’ll let you know your new address or give us a call on 0845 450 6326.

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