Intradoc247 Training Packages

Our document management system, Intradoc247, allows you to improve your back-office processes and supports better collaboration amongst your team. By allowing you to create, edit and manage live documents in the cloud, Intradoc247 provides you with a seamless document management process and a full audit trail. Below are some of the ways that you can learn more about Intradoc247, with access to various models of learning.

Training packages

Get your users started with Intradoc247

Guidance on cascading usage information to your team is provided to the SuperAdmin for your practice at the training session included in your Intradoc247 purchase fee.

Chargeable one-hour webinars and half-day/full-day on-site sessions are also available to help you get to grips with the system.

  • Webinar per hour £100.
  • Half-day onsite session £375.
  • Full-day onsite session £525.

Clinician focus:

Engage clinicians with a one-hour ‘how-to’ webinar to fit with their busy schedules.

  • Webinar £100 per hour.

Superadmin/Group Challenge:

Make use of our interactive forums for groups of practices in the same locality (eight to ten users dependant on space). This gives you the chance to share best practice and ideas with other colleagues through structured discussions and ask the Intradoc247 expert any questions you may have.

  • Half-day session at £1500 per group if room and refreshments are covered.

Mid-term refresh:

Had a change in staff and need a refresh? Webinars for one person (charged per hour) and half-day onsite training sessions for multiple people are available.

  • Webinar per hour £100.
  • Half-day onsite training session £375.

Bespoke guides:

Need a bespoke guide creating for a member/group of staff?

  • Guides are available at £80.

For more information on our training packages please get in touch with us.

Phone: 0845 124 5245

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