Anywhere Consult EMIS Web Installation

Downloading EMIS Web

Before installing, you will need to download the EMIS Health installer from the following location:

Installing EMIS Web

Video Tutorial:

To install EMIS Web, please follow the steps below:

      • Before proceeding with the installation, connect to the VPN software
      • Navigate to and double-click the EMIS Health installer .exe file
      • On the installation screen, in the organisation ID field enter the organisation ID of the organisation you wish to install EMIS Web for.

      • Click Install to start the first part of the installation process. Once the first part of the installation has been completed, the EMIS Health installer will show Install complete. Click the Launch and close button to kick off the next stage of the installation process.

      • While the next stage of the installation process progresses, you will be shown the following screen. Click the Show update progress button for more detailed information.

      • Once the installation has completed you will see the below screen, click Close.

      • Now that the installation process is complete, an EMIS Web icon will be displayed on the desktop. Double click on the icon to launch EMIS Web.

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