Adding a New User to Online Consult

Video tutorial:


Note – Only users with the Manager Permission Level in Online Consult can add new users.

When your Organisation’s nominated Manager user has been created by Egton and has registered, they can then start to add other users to Online Consult.

You should always have at least one additional Manager user in your Organisation to act as backup.

Manager users can then add other users as follows:

  1. Log on to Online Triage.
  2. From the main Organisation menu, click Users. A list of your Organisation’s users will be displayed.
  3. Below the user list, click Add a User. The Add a User screen will be displayed.
  4. In the Email box, enter the Email address of the user whom you wish to add. This must be a valid Email address as a registration Email will be sent to that Email account for the user to confirm.
  5. In the Permission box, click the drop down arrow and select the required Permission Level from the list.
  6. Click Add.

The new user will then be added to your Organisation with a status of Pending Registration. The new user has 48 hours to confirm the registration. If this expires, the invitation must be sent again.

Whilst the user’s registration is pending, Manager users can edit the Permission Level for the invited user, remove the invite request or resend the request to the user if it has expired.

The new user will receive an Email from with the subject ‘Invitation – Egton Online Triage‘. They must click the link in the Email to confirm registration. They will then be asked to provide their full name and assign a password for their Online Triage user account.

The password must:

  • Be a minimum of 12 characters long
  • Contain at least one uppercase character
  • Contain at least one lowercase character
  • Contain at least one number

Once confirmed, the user will be added to your Organisation’s user list as an active user and they will be able to log into Online Triage.

Note – If the user you are adding is already an active user of another Organisation, they will be added automatically to your Organisation without them having to register again.

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