Activating Shared Topics

Activating a Shared Topic

Shared Topics are created by your organisation Group, Topics are also created and shared by our EMIS Clinical resource team. These are created by our expert team and provided for you to publish to your public page without needing to create any new resources.

Note: Shared topics can only be edited by the Topic owners, as a single organisation you can only Activate or Deactivate shared Topics.

The following explains how to find and activate shared Topics.

To locate a Shared Topic, log into your Organisation’s Online Triage portal and click TopicsĀ from the Main Menu.

  • Click the Available to this OrganisationĀ tab.
  • Locate the required Topic and click Activate.
  • The Topic will then be available on your Public Page.

The Topic can also be deactivated:

  • Locate the required Topic from the Active on this OrganisationĀ tab and click Deactivate.
  • This will remove the Topic from your Public Page and can be found within the Available to this Organisation

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