Online Triage v1.0.1

Release Schedule

Release Overview

Release notes for the first launch of Online Triage.

Release Contents (19 items)

Resolves a defect where a 500 Internal server error was displayed when incorrect login credentials were input. A friendly Invalid Logon message is now displayed.

Resolved a defect where a 500 internal server error message was displayed instead of Page 404 not found.

New patient demographic fields have been added which are required before a form submission.

Patient Access API’s now include a date modified stamp via the HTTP headers for more efficient development.

All API responses are now shown in standard JSON messages for easier troubleshooting.

All API access requires authentication so it can only be accessed by approved third parties.

EOT now has APIs to support Patient Access integration.

EOT now removes browser and IP details from the Audit Logs to comply with GDPR.

A new password policy has been implemented with the requirements stated when a user is setting up their account or changing their password.

The Password Policy requires a password to be a minimum 12 characters long with a mixture of both upper and lower case letters, at least 1 number and at least 1 special character (e.g. £,$,% etc)

Reporting has now been introduced in Online Triage, allowing users to view statistics on submitted forms.

When you wish to update your password, you are now asked to confirm your current password.

All Online Triage session data is encrypted using AES-256.

When an Organisation or Organisation Group is created, a date/time stamp is recorded.

The Online Triage Privacy Notice has been updated, this can be found at the footer of your Public Page.

The Contact Us link has been updated to

The Cookies link has been amended to direct the user to

The Help link has been amended to direct the user to

Auto-complete has been disabled for fields containing sensitive data, e.g. username and password entries.

Robot.txt has been removed to prevent indexing from search engines.