Online Triage [18.47]

Release Schedule

Release Overview

We have added a new feature into online triage that will give you the ability to track and if needed download any online triage forms from within the online triage portal.

Release Contents (12 items)

The patient demographics now shows the patients preferred contact number.

The Online Triage registration email has been re-designed.

The styling for the PDF has been changed to ensure each page is consistently styled and aligned correctly.

Adds the ability to track submitted Online Triage forms.

Adds the ability to view the delivery status of submitted Online Triage forms.

Adds ability to print / mark received Online Triage submissions and be notified of failed deliveries.

Corrected spelling of ‘succesfully’ to ‘successfully’ throughout the system

Adds the MESH Enabled toggle

Implements the password policy for new users registering to Online Triage

All acknowledged or printed messages are achived after 28 days and patient data is anonymised

Removes redundant page break extension

Fixes a fatal error when ‘not specified’ is selected for Gender