Online Triage Rebrand to Online Consult FAQ

What is the rebrand?

A name change of the product from Online Triage to Online Consult

Why the need for the name change?

There are 3 main reasons why we have rebranded the product, these are:

  1. We commissioned some external marketing research to investigate and recommend a new product logo and name if required. The recommendations from this work was to change the name as Online Triage was creating some confusion for patients with its purpose and its features. After further discussions it was decided to rebrand the product name from Online Triage to Online Consult.
  2. The product name Online Consult is in line with NHS terminology
  3. The product name Online Consult is better aligned to other Egton products such as Video Consult

What changes will we see in the Product?

  1. The URL will change from to, and your unique public URL of Online Consult will change. This will be visible in the settings screen (example):

2. The header in the product will change from “Online Triage” to “Online Consult”



3. The Form submitted will also have the header updated from “Online Triage” to “Online Consult”



How will we move from using the old to the new web site URL?

We aim to make this as seamless as possible. We will be running the old url and new url alongside each other for a period of time. On a specific date (which we will advise you) we will start redirecting people from the old URL to your new URL. The only difference your patients may see is the redirect from the old to the new URL. Other than that all will stay the same.

What do we need to do with this change?

Once we have applied the redirect it would be wise to update your new URL on any patient facing materials, phone lines or your web site links.

We will be providing new marketing materials with the new name, which you can request online through this link:

How do we update our web site link to the new URL?

Once we have updated the system, your new URL will be visible in the settings section of Online Consult (Example):