Patient Video Announcement


Egton, EMIS Health & Patient are pleased to announce that we will be upgrading EMIS Web with a new version of Video Consult. The purpose of this announcement is to ensure EMIS Web users, who use the current Video Consult solution, are provided with the information they need to support a seamless  migration to the new version.

What is the new Video Consult Solution?

Patient Video is the new, fully integrated Video Consult offering that seamlessly integrates into the EMIS Web clinical system and the online Patient Access service.

How is the new version better than the current offering?

We have been working closely with current users to improve the new version, which will include the following enhancements:

Improvements for the GP Practice

  • No additional software is required. The solution uses EMIS Web, Patient Access and an internet web browser.
  • Full product integration with the EMIS Web clinical system.
  • Easy Video Consult booking within the EMIS Web appointments module.
  • One-click start video consultation for the clinician.
  • Notification once the patient has joined the video consultation.
  • New ‘virtual waiting room’ feature.
  • A simplified user interface.
  • Free marketing materials for promoting the service to patients.

Improvements for the Patient

  • The video consultation solution is built into Patient Access, available through the web site, iOS and Android apps.
  • No additional browser plugin or application is required for the video consultation.
  • Improved user interface with simplified options and better user experience.
  • Improved messaging for any break or loss of connections between the clinician and patient.
  • Ability to transfer the video consultation between devices smoothly and easily

How will we be upgraded to the new version?

If you are enabled with the current integrated Video Consult solution, we will enable the new version when EMIS Web upgrades to version 8.7.

If you are new to Video Consult but are not enabled yet, we will enable the new Patient Video version once you receive the 8.7 EMIS Web update.

When will we receive the EMIS Web 8.7 upgrade?

We are working closely with our release department to give you clear timescales of when your practice will receive this upgrade. Once we have this information we will notify you though the EMIS Web RSS feed update directly in EMIS Web. This will only affect a small number of practices so the impact will be small.

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